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Welcome to WWW.CODE-LABS.COM. It is a full service digital studio comprised of ux/ui designers, animators, writers, engineers and project managers where digital elements are used to produce engaging experiences for consumers.

The access that YOU, hereinafter also known as the USER1- make to WWW.CODE-LABS.COM as well as the use of the information provided in the web page, imply the unreserved acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions. Through this acceptance, the USER and CODE-LABS.COM are contractually bound, which obliges them to comply with each and every one of the provisions herein included.

Your use of our site and its services is conditioned on your acceptance of these Terms; if you do not agree to these Terms and choose not to accept them, you are not authorized to access the site or to use the information and services hosted there.

In case of any doubt related to these Terms and Conditions, you may contact CODE-LABS.COM at info@code-labs-com or at (57-1) 8051470 - (320) 9628797, in Bogotá.


To subscribe to the information shared by CODE-LABS.COM, you must be of legal age and be willing to provide only your email address. In addition to this, you are obliged to attest that the information you provide is real and complete, as well as to keep it updated whenever you are requested to do so and/or when necessary.

All information, services and other sections integrated in the CODE-LABS.COM web portal are made available to you and are intended for your personal use. This, in addition to the articles that are periodically published on the website is available to subscribed USERS within the CODE-LABS.COM zone of influence.


Withdrawal refers to the possibility for the USER to consciously withdraw their subscription and stop the sending of all information shared by CODE-LABS.COM to their email. All information published by CODE-LABS.COM in print will be produced according to the specifications established by the company, ensuring that it does not infringe on existing content from other sources of information.


The purpose of CODE-LABS.COM is to provide you with a pleasant browsing experience and access to all the information available on our website.

For this reason we invite you to have a behavior that corresponds to the good use of CODE-LABS.COM. This invitation is extended to conduct that does not incur in the uploading of materials that may be obscene, abusive, intimidating, offensive or others that may generate a bad interaction with portal administrators, other users or third parties that may be linked. Because of this, and to guarantee you and all USERS, CODE-LABS.COM reserves the right, in addition to applying the applicable legislation, to remove content from the portal that goes against good manners and that may be framed between these and other characteristics:

  • Abusive, defamatory, offensive, pornographic, false, obscene or otherwise inappropriate content.
  • Contents and elements that are protected by copyright or intellectual property laws, among others, without the express permission of the owner and holder thereof.
  • Content that violates applicable rights by a third party.
  • Elements that may contain or in fact contain any type of software, virus, worm and other objects that may cause damage or compromise the operation of the portal.
  • Content and elements that support illegal activities, promote them or could be considered as openly apologetic.
  • Any other that may have any direct or indirect link with the above cases.

CODE-LABS.COM is free from any liability that may arise from a bad practice and use on the part of the USERS.

Any removal of content by CODE-LABS.COM in accordance and compliance with these Terms and Conditions does not require any type of notification to the User. By performing such action, this will be understood as a voluntary act, performed at the discretion of CODE-LABS.COM as owner and administrator of the portal.

Finally, as CODE-LABS.COM, by accepting these Terms and Conditions, you understand and acknowledge that all content hosted on the site is the sole and exclusive property and responsibility of the company who creates and manages all content on the site.

None of the subjects related to the administration, creation or maintenance of CODE-LABS.COM, including directors, executives, employees, representatives or, if any, branches or subsidiaries, may be subject to claims in relation to any violation by the USERS of the current and applicable legislation, nor may they be held legally responsible for claims, direct or indirect, in relation to the content available on the portal.


By accessing the portal and accepting these Terms and Conditions, you agree that you are responsible for the personal data that you will enter into the system as part of the registration process and that such data is true and verifiable.

In the same way, you agree that this data will be included in our database and that it will be used, shared or transferred by CODE-LABS.COM or its owners, for marketing, sales or promotion purposes inside and outside Colombia. In case of disagreement with this point, even after having accepted the Terms and Conditions, the USER should contact info@code-labs.com or call (57-1) 8051470 - (320) 9628797, in Bogotá.


CODE-LABS.COM shall have no rights over the content published on the web portal as it corresponds to an on-site creation by the administrator in charge. Its work is limited to the visualization and communication according to the services provided and the present Terms and Conditions.

If there is a violation of the rights of third parties by the USER, CODE-LABS.COM shall have no liability. Likewise, CODE-LABS.COM reserves the right to proceed as stated above to remove the infringing content.


CODE-LABS.COM is liable for direct material damages that may be caused by its action or omission to the products and services offered. This liability will never be greater than a value equal to the price or monetary value of the products and services requested and paid by the USER.

Except in cases in which the legislation in force is applicable, the infringements of copyrights or intellectual property, none of the parties may be held liable by the other for damages occurring due to these same infringements.


As a CODE-LABS.COM USER you have unlimited access to the portal, the use of its information and services, as long as you comply with these Terms and Conditions and remain an Active USER.


By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the USER and CODE-LABS.COM enter into a contract with all legal effects. Any legal action that may arise from the same shall be subject to the applicable legislation in force in the Republic of Colombia. The USER located in a foreign territory that makes use of the services of the portal waives the legal jurisdiction that he/she may have in his/her jurisdiction.

Any legal action will be submitted to the competent Colombian courts.


These Terms and Conditions may be partially or totally modified at any time by CODE-LABS.COM without prior notification to the USER. These changes will not have retroactive application.

As a USER, by accepting these Terms and Conditions, you agree to review these Terms and Conditions periodically for any modifications or changes to these Terms and Conditions.


The purchase orders themselves, as well as the documents generated by them, shall constitute, as applicable, as originals, written and signed by the parties and shall have the legal value provided by the commercial laws in force.

The parties are obliged to take the necessary measures to preserve, limit access by third parties and establish the necessary measures to protect their access passwords and other data. The improper use of this data, as well as that which it allows of the site, will be the responsibility of each of the parties.

Although CODE-LABS.COM does not require through these Terms and Conditions or other documents and means the execution of its own rights or obligations to which it is entitled, they do not constitute any assignment or waiver of such rights and obligations.

In the event that any paragraph, section or element of these Terms and Conditions is declared null and void or ineffective, this shall not affect the full content of these Terms and Conditions, which shall remain in full force and effect and shall continue to be applicable.

The rights and obligations assumed by the USER when accepting the present Terms and Conditions may not be transferred by the USER to a third party without the express and written authorization of CODE-LABS.COM.

The electronic communications issued by and between CODE-LABS.COM and the USER have the same probative and legal value as written documents.

These Terms and Conditions are equivalent to and an integral part of the Legal Section and all actions related to the use, operation and access to CODE-LABS.COM are framed within them. Any contradiction that may exist between these and the Terms and Conditions and those that may be generated in promotional activities and others carried out by CODE-LABS.COM, will be resolved with prevalence and preference of the present ones.