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Our client, Repremundo, has established itself as one of the most significant service providers in the foreign trade logistics chain in Colombia. At Code Labs, our objective and purpose have been to be a strategic technological ally, where we have undertaken extensive and intricate consultancy processes in areas such as UX/UI, information architecture, design, front-end development using ReactJS, and customized back-end development in technologies like PHP, Laravel, Python, and Flask, for robust web platforms as well as native iOS and Android applications built with React Native. Furthermore, we have played a crucial role in the consultancy and DevOps processes for migrating their core digital platforms to the AWS cloud, implementing paradigm shifts such as serverless and elastic architectures, along with process automation, security enhancements, and fault tolerance measures.

  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • ReactJS Front-End Development
  • API, Flask, Python Back end Development and AWS Serverless
  • AWS Cloud architecture: EC2, RDS MySQL,DocumentDB Mongo, Lambda, API Gateway,CloudFront,S3,Load Balancer, etc.

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