Data Science

Uncover a ton of useful data about the consummation of your project with our data science team.

We capture, maintain, analyze and report on the performance of your product after it’s launched. Unlike other coding companies, we believe in a continuous relationship with our clients so we can tweak and maximize the performance of our products with data science.


How We Work

We are all about understanding our users. In our data processing lab we use big data technologies so that we can offer our clients useful information about their users and their own clients. This allows our clients to make short term and long term strategic decisions. Our projects are designed to help move your business forward through automation, AI and assessments made using good business practices.



Working with our clients we create a custom set of data using various data analytic platforms and other software like Hotjar, DataStage, Kenshoo, Power BI, MOZ, Brightedge, Google Analytics, and 2XY– our proprietary service.

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